Close window,
turn on light,
lock door,



People don’t realise that half of all home burglaries happen because it is just too easy to break in – how can you make them take preventative action, without instilling a sense of fear?


Identify, motivate and facilitate.Creates urgency without creating fear, and immediately offer a clear and simple solution.

Home burglary is a High Impact Crime with a low-risk perception. People mistakingly think it happens in rich neighbourhoods, while in reality about half of all burglaries happen due to unlocked doors or windows in every neighbourhood and usually at night.


The Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security wanted to make sure people took precautions, especially during the high-risk winter months and holiday season.


To be able to cut through, the campaign works on three levels; identify, motivate and facilitate. First, make sure all target groups can identify themselves by showing all kinds of houses and people. Secondly, create urgency by making it clear burglars don’t look at what they can steal, they look at how easy they can enter your home. Give the immediate solution of prevention in the form of a mantra; ‘lock your door, close your windows and turn on your lights, even if you’re away for a few minutes’, which sounds better in Dutch, believe us. The campaign consisted of TV, online video, social media, radio and a toolkit for stakeholders.


The amount of home burglaries fell substantially (up to 14%). At the same time all relevant awareness, attitude and intent levels improved.

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