The Dutch Donor Ranking



How can we make Donor registration campaigns more effective throughout the Netherlands?


Publishing local registration rates motivates towns at the bottom to step up their game and towns in the top to live up to their reputation.


After a year of successful organ donation campaigns, data showed that rises in registration rates deviated per region.

Could we persuade people in the big city or the bible belt to take example from a place like Goirle in the southern Netherlands, where almost half of all adults are registered donors?

By publishing the annual Dutch Donor Ranking, people throughout the country can see on an interactive map where their hometown ranks and compares with other places on organ donor registrations. They can help boost this rank directly by registering themselves.



The Dutch Donor Ranking became an incredibly effective vehicle for local free publicity.

Especially with the option to compare statistics of rival cities or neighbouring towns.

The campaign resulted in thousands of new donor registrations across the country.

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