Make Jody stop singing by signing up as a donor


KesselsKramer were certain that Spotify would prove a suitable channel to recruit new organ donor registrations. To create a relevant campaign, it had to match three criteria:

Spotify users love music; so they tend to be annoyed by the ads that interrupt their listening experience; and the campaign needed a segue into ‘Yes or No’, the question organ donation revolves around.

In the summer of 2000, Dutch-Colombian singer Jody Bernal topped the charts with ‘Que si, que no’ (‘Yes or No’) for 14 consecutive weeks. The entire country had heard the song so often it effortlessly worked on their nerves.

Therefore, Jody pledged to interrupt Spotify playlists across the country with ‘Que si, que no’ every half hour until 3000 listeners had signed up as organ donors through an embedded form in a Spotify lightbox.

It took Jody only half the campaign period to reach his goal, thanks to an unexpected high amount of free publicity on primetime television, radio shows, newspapers and Jody trending on Twitter. After a week, one of Holland’s largest newspapers even ran the headline: “Jody finally quits singing.”

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