The Dutch Tax Office sends out millions of tax letters each year. How should it announce its switch to digital for all future correspondence?



The country says farewell to its national icon, the infamous blue envelope.

The Dutch government was looking to switch from physical mail to digital for all governmental messages. It decided to start with the Dutch Tax Office, its biggest representative.

This signifies the end of an era, as the Netherlands says farewell to an icon that was introduced exactly one hundred years ago; the blue tax envelope. The sight of this infamous paper icon has managed to evoke a broad spectrum of intense emotions throughout the last century. The message ‘Farewell blue envelope’ spread across the country in PR, outdoor posters, on radio, TV, in banners, online videos, and social media.


Objectives were exceeded. In fact it could be deemed too successful, by provoking much consternation from  the not-so-digital (often elderly) and privacy sensitive audience. The revolt that followed reached the House of Representatives and the plan was put on hold until further notice.

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84. Is there life after death? 
84. Is there life after death? 

Absolutely. Oh. Sorry. Thought you asked, “Do Ben and Jerry’s make the best ice cream?” Right. Um. Is there life after death? Nah. There’s only an endless void. And they make you pay for parking.