The NRW Forum in Dusseldorf is a laboratory, a space for international cooperation, a pot in which genres are mixed — from art to advertising, even politics. And unlike more traditional museums, the NRW can stand for a dialogue, openness and inclusion.

Basically the forum is kind of a blank canvas, a space that can be filled with ever-changing art, information and opinions. And that’s how we approached it when designing the new corporate identity. Empty spaces forming a grid together are the basis of the simple black and white design.

Change as the only constant

This grid and the (lack of) color are the only constant in the design, everything else changes according to the content. It allows the design to be classical, modern, playful or experimental and able to adapt to the featured art, time and trends.

For instance this means that the logo will change with the exhibitions, as well as the typography. The concept works throughout printed matter, real exhibition space and also online where every refresh changes the look and feel.

And just as a blank canvas can be interpreted in endless ways, we also use it to inspire visitors to the forum with a few playful things which offer different interpretations to what is usually perceived.