Collected & Edited by Thomas Sauvin and Erik Kessels.

From the many pictures documenting TVs in China, these eight photographs are the best they’ve ever seen. Found in a market in Beijing, the images show a woman in her late sixties, always in an identical pose. In fact, the only thing that changes is her outfit. Or rather, the only thing that changes is her top, a new colourful jumper in each image. Her trousers are always the same. Even her pinkie finger remains static and strangely angled, in shot after shot.

For some reason, this precise pinkie fascinates, implying as it does that she consciously arranged her little finger in a slightly unnatural way. What’s with the pinkie? Was this a strange running gag? Is this artifice something to do with showing how proud she is of her TV?

All questions that one can only speculate about. What’s for sure is that this is an extraordinary small photographic series, made most likely by a husband and his wife over a short period of time. A couple documenting the arrival of a new television set and doing it in a way that verges on a work of conceptual art.

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1 January 2014